The Company

Who is Syneco

Founded in 1977, Syneco is a center of excellence for the research, production and commercialization of synthetic lubricants.
Syneco possesses enviable know-how, the result of the hard work of competent technicians and a specialized sales network that pays attention to marke demands.

The two souls

The two souls:
mechanics and chemistry

Syneco offers more than four-hundred products, the result of multi-sector knowledge and experience that have been developed throughout the years. One company, two souls: mechanics and chemistry.

The reasons behind our success

The reasons behind our success

Research – Quality – After-sales Service

Modern blending plants have a huge productive capacity and are, therefore, capable of meeting all kinds of demands.


Syneco Transmission workshops

Syneco makes all its knowledge in the maintenance of automatic transmissions available to affiliated workshops. The Syneco Transmission workshops share a working method that is punctual and respectful of the needs of your machine.

To meet the maintenance requests from millions of motorists who prefer this type of transmission today, Syneco has developed a single and scrupulous coupon maintenance method, capable of guaranteeing the correct functioning of the gearbox. Thanks to a small sample of gearbox oil, Syneco will analyze the state of degradation of the fluid. This operation is very effective and COSTS NOTHING.


Syneco Transmission database

Syneco has developed a detailed and complete technical area for identifying automatic transmission data. In the database you will find all the existing gearboxes in circulation, which can be identified by searching by brand and model.

All the information needed to change the oil is shown within the single gearbox:

  1. OEM code of the oil and comparative Syneco product with relative quantity to use;
  2. Technical data of the gearbox;
  3. Filters with oem codes;
  4. Dedicated fittings with OEM codes;
  5. Exploded technical drawing of the gearbox with oil inlet and outlet points;
  6. Work procedure to be followed for the replacement of the lubricant;
  7. Adaptation procedure of the mechatronic control unit.

The database can only be consulted by workshops participating in the Syneco Transmission circuit using a dedicated nick name and password. For more information on our circuit, contact the Syneco dealer in your area.



Syneco presents its interactive catalog to consult all the processes used for lubrication in ceramic industry plants.


The Network