Who is Syneco

Founded in 1977, Syneco is a center of excellence for the research, production and commercialization of synthetic lubricants.
Syneco possesses enviable know-how, the result of the hard work of competent technicians and a specialized sales network that pays attention to marke demands. With the goal of propagating knowledge about lubricants, Syneco educates its clients about the issues linked to working fluids by promoting preventive maintenance. In this respect, every year Syneco organizes several training courses for its sales agents and for clients who want to learn more from experts in the lubrication sector.
The analysis service allows to identify a “customized” lubricant for every need, thus laying the foundation for a reliable partnership and constant support.

The two souls:
mechanics and chemistry

Syneco offers more than four-hundred products, the result of multi-sector knowledge and experience that have been developed throughout the years. One company, two souls: mechanics and chemistry.
“A daily challenge faced by our laboratory with a production that meets the needs identified by professionals working in close contact with companies and workshops“.

The reasons behind our success


Modern blending plants have a huge productive capacity and are, therefore, capable of meeting all kinds of demands. A strong point of Syneco is the chemical -physical testing laboratory, equipped with the most sophisticated devices for the testing and checking of the quality of lubricants, additives and fuels. The lab also takes advantage of the collaboration with other Italian and foreign laboratories.


Syneco manufactures a wide range of products, with a single goal in mind: top quality. This applies to gasoline and Diesel engine lubricants as much as to two-stroke engine lubricants, additives and special products for use in industry, agriculture and earth-moving equipment.


Syneco avails of the most modern marketing strategies, by articulating its business structure through well-defined sales channels, the most important of which is the Syneco Dealer Network, and by emphasizing activities such as communication, advertising and promotions.


Over 40 Syneco Dealers operate throughout the country and see to the distribution of Syneco products over the whole of Italy. The Syneco Dealers are organized so as to offer prompt delivery and specialized technical assistance. Syneco is also active in a number of foreign markets, including Greece, the UK, Switzerland, several African and Middle-Eastern countries.


Effective lubrication helps maintain your machinery in good working order and ensures longer working life.
Besides guaranteeing top quality for its products, Syneco has introduced a predictive assistance service, called SYNECO CHECK-UP, and an inspection and monitoring service, referred to as SYNECO-TEST. Through these two initiatives, featuring a full set of direct inspections and laboratory tests, Syneco is in the best possible position to provide data and advice concerning maintenance.

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